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The Americans on D Day

Ellwood Von Siebold had been collecting military vehicles and militaria for 20 years and a few years ago moved to Sainte Mere Eglise, from where he started offering tours around the battlefields. He wanted to take his passion for D Day to another level and embarked upon a remarkable project.

In as much secrecy as the real Normandy landings, Ellwood filmed, presented and produced a very different documentary which is released on May 8th. He takes us on a comprehensive tour of the US landing areas in his Dodge Command Car. But this is no “amateur enthusiasts” project,  this is a highly professional and innovative film.

“….The boys from Easy Company came right through this hedge….”  says our intrepid presenter as he struggles his way through a medieval hedgerow, fully equipped as a paratrooper. With endless costume changes, we are given detailed insights into what happened on precise spots  - the film actually being made at the right time of day for even greater effect.

“….This is scary – you have got to be young, fit or stupid to do this in the face of determined resistance….” says Ellwood as he appears dressed as a breathless Ranger, scrambling over the top of the cliffs at Point du Hoc. This is how history needs to be portrayed – it’s visual, exciting and very informative.

With innovative graphics and use of original footage – much of which is rare and unseen, Ellwood interviews veterans to tell their stories of the invasion. It is well planned, superbly narrated and Ellwood’s enigmatic presentation style makes The Americans on D Day an unmissable film for both the serious enthusiast or those with just a casual interest.

Saving Private Ryan spearheaded a new genre of high quality war films and without doubt The Americans on D Day has set a new benchmark for documentaries.
If you want to get the best from your Normandy visit, this film will make a huge difference and take you to places you could otherwise miss. But it doesn’t stop at the end of D Day – the extra features on the DVD include Ellwood’s special features on the weapons, uniforms and equipment the GI’s used and an insight into how the film was made.
The Americans on D Day is truly outstanding.


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